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                         "No! È stupido imbecille! Do you not know
                       who my Father is? How dare you speak to me like that!”
                       Aloysius blurted out in rage. He was by far pissed off. 
                       Who did this person even think they are? The nerve of  
                       some people.

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A Rare Fragrance || Ryo & Jin• Closed •


                       ’Something smells… Delicious…’

             The blonde murmured out internally; he was just idly strolling down
              at one of the many cities in Tokyo at midnight when a certain yet,
              seductive scent caught the blonde’s attention. It had been quite a
              while since Jin had ever caught the fragrance of such a delicacy.

              Eyes roamed and scanned the area, letting his own instincts lead
              him to the mortal who has favoured him the most for this night.
              Jin easily moved through the crowd, cerulean hues gazing upon
              each person until —-

               ”My my..” He said off moving closer to the other “Maybe I should
                dress up?” He said to himself in a whisper. Cerulean hues emitting
                an ephemeral glow for more or less than, a second as in a flash,
                quicker than any human eye can decipher, he changed his
                appearance as well as clothes; looking like any normal high school

               ”Excuse me!” Jin acted out, panting as though he had been running
                for hours and hours; illusionary glasses nearly falling off from the
                bridge of his nose “May I know where I am?”


It was wholly a chanced meeting. Miyuki was in a bubbly mood that afternoon and with all of her friends choosing to leave early to hang out in some cafe, the brunette was let alone in the school and it so happens that she decided to give the rooftop a visit to watch the sun set before going home.

To see a dejected man sitting there alone wasn’t exactly what she had expected to see though. Sure she had guessed that another student or two would be there — anyone was welcome to visit the place, but for that said student to be a blond moping about his failed test… She couldn’t help but chuckle.


"Hey, cheer up!" She quickly moved over to stand right before him, head tilted to the side and her fingers locked together right behind her back. "Perhaps I could be of help? There should be make-up exams to follow. If it’s something like mathematics, history and science, then I’m your angel from the heavens above."

                             The blonde couldn’t help but, give a small eye roll.
             As much as he didn’t want to do it; it seemed like his body wasn’t at all
             agreeing much to his head. But, it was annoyance — this girl. He was here
             to be alone. He wanted to sulk and wail and just, wallow in his own darkness
             yet, here she is. This sudden stranger barging into his dark little corner with
             all of her smiles and cheery voice.

            Jin looked away, arms tightening their hold against one another as he pulled
            his legs close to his body. He felt rather scared and wary of this girl talking to
            him. Why was she doing this anyways? Why is she talking to him? Why isn’t
            she ignoring him? Why is she noticing his existence?

            A sigh escaped his lips, he was far too tired for these kind of games “There’s
            no point in it. I’m just gonna fail again.” He said again. Her offer sounded
            so tempting. He does actually, kinda wanna accept it but, is hesitant.

            “Why help a total stranger by the way? Don’t you have friends or something
             to hang out with? You’re not doing yourself any favours in hanging out with
             a guy like me you know?” He inquired this time, looking at her with an
             arched brow.

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1. “I failed the test”

[{ Okaiiii, can I like, maybe do this in a high school themed/settings maybe? ouo

                                The teen sat on the far end corner of
                the rooftop of their school. He had a dejected and blank
               expression etched across his features. Jin was practically staring
               into nothing as his gaze kept onto the ground.

              And that was until he heard somebody’s voice. Slowly, the blonde
              turned and looked up to see a girl, asking him what’s wrong.


              “I failed the test.”

              Was his robotic and automatic answer. It was one of the many reasons
              actually but, he wasn’t gonna go blurting out his problems to someone
              who was a total and utter complete stranger to him.

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Macabre de Concerto || Louie & Aloysius • Closed •


Louie plucked the strings of the harp ever so gently and he smiled to himself when the instrument replied to his touch. He always felt that playing an instrument gave him great joy, he had an emotional attachment to anything he could play. Even more so an attachment to the violin, no matter how happy the melody there was still a hint of sadness, that was how Louie felt.

The raven sighed sadly and stood up, he was over thinking again. His depression though did not stop him from giving an affectionate touch to the harp once more before turning away.


The young man thought to himself before he took another step, he heard a familiar melody for what he thought, in his mind at the time, playing. He walked out of the room and he was surprised at what he saw. ‘Was the hallway this beautiful before?’ he thought to himself as he walked on down towards the melody, realizing soon that it was not in his head anymore.


Louie seemed to stop at the last room in the hallway, that oh so familiar song coming from it, he opened the door all the way. The violinist stood still a few seconds as the aura darkened, he was for some reason, scared. He managed to bring up his courage though, walking into the room to notice a beautiful woman at the piano.

                                  Aloysius stood by the corner of the room;
          one that seemed to have a darker place of the area. His illusions kept still
          as soon as the presence of the human could be felt by the door. It was a
          little challenge for him to keep his cool — be calm with the situation. He
          averted his gaze upon Charlotte. She was still playing even when the
          man had entered the room.

         The blonde had made sure that he wasn’t visible; perks of being an
         illusionist. The younger of the two played as though she hadn’t noticed her
         desire, pretending to be clueless as she played her piece beautifully.

         ”Oh my..” Her soft and gentle voice broke through the serenity as she
         glanced to her side and falsely made an expression of shock. Her hands
         moved up to her chest as she stood up from her seat; emerald eyes
         gazing upon the man “I did not know there was another here.” She spoke
         as though she was frightened and shy — and it brought a proud smile to 
         appear on Aloysius’ lips.

          His cousin had grown up; she now knew her ways and how to be a fine killer
         like Aloysius himself. She moved with poise, a façade of hesitancy and fear
         etched upon her features as she was only a few steps away from the other.
         She looked up to him, head tilting ever so slightly as her innocently — nearly
         angel like face stared at him.

          “Am I in trouble?” Her voice was sweet and covered with honey, in which
          Aloysius himself flinched a little. Charlotte still had some things to work on;
          it would be too obvious or morelikely, suspicious if she acted like that. 

                    ‘Wait for the perfect moment;
                                     reel him in first before going for the kill.’  

 He instructed her internally; as Aloysius watched the scene before him
          unfold. Staring at the man’s skin, eyes wandering over to his neck and
          wondering to himself what he would taste like. His chimera slowly faded
          away as Charlotte leaned in closer and closer towards her prey.

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Send me “What’s wrong?” And my muse will tell yours why they are upset.


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Mosley angst. Trigger/Content warnings will apply to most. (Domestic abuse, death, illness, Child servers.)

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