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[{      Like for a starter ~

I’ve been making starters for I dunno how long, since this morning maybe? And I’m still somewhat in the mood for them ouo But, imma go drop by my drafts this time… I have like what? 16 of’em to get to? *lol* }]

+ sehunsc

                       ”You’re in the wrong place.” Jin stated off in a
              non-chalant tone of voice, expression cold and stoic “Pretty little
              boys like yourself shouldn’t be wandering out at night alone you
              know?” He added off before turning his back on the other, hands
              on the pocket of his pants “Go back to where you came from. It’s
              not safe here.”

+ ereonxru

                            “Dude, aren’t you a little young to even
             be joining this tournament?” Kunihiko mouthed out to the other;
             even though he himself was looking up to the guy girl just so he
             could to talk to him her face to face.

+      skullpyramids

                         ”I was not expecting any guests today.” Aloysius
                voiced out, an amused smile etched upon his features “To what do
                I owe the pleasure of your coming here?”

+ franticbyvng

                     ”It gets pretty gloomy on rainy days. But, you sure
             seem too gloomy about it.” Jin voiced out as he pressed his back
             against a wall for support whilst offering one drink of coffee to the
             other  ”I accidentally got two from the vendo; hope you don’t mind
             helping a guy out here.” He said, trying to start a conversation.

They were both stranded on one roof
for the hellish sudden out pour of rain
anyways. Who knows what time it’ll
stop so, the blonde decided to just stir
up a conversation with the other.

+ sweetestdumpling

                     ”Aren’t you that girl with the panda?” Kunihiko
                 asks innocently, head tilting to the side a little as he looks at
                 her in question “May I know where the Panda-san is?”

tesla-gravity said: 

AWW. I’ve had that happen too, I think it’s mostly that they wanna RP with you and changed their mind maybe I dunno. Like I don’t auto follow back people, they are maybe expecting that o0o

Well, this is actually the first time it’s happening to me and I have a weird feeling about it *ish getting negative thoughts but, whatevs* I’ll just assume/forcefully think that they accidentally pushed the unfollow button XD

hauntedasylumxlouie said:


ooc: NO WORRIES, I SHALL FOLLOW YOU ONTO THE GAY AS WELL! GAY BRUHS FO LAIFU *QUEERLY HIGH FIVES YOU* But, I will also follow you to the grave and hell and back and we shall rule with an iron fist along side Satan! mwuahaha *le evil laugh*

[{ I hate this very negative feeling/knowledge where I know that somebody just followed me then, after a few days unfollowed me.. ;w; *I’m not a stalker, just saw it when I was lurking on seeing my followers*  And I dunno, maybe I’m just assuming and stuff… Though, why unfollow? Maybe, it’s because of the gore and violence in my blog.. ;w;

Though it might also be because they deactivated.. e.e My first follower ever in this blog deactivated and now, I feel sad *sniffles then, sobs grossly* }]